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How will the home of tomorrow be like, and to what extent will our lives be affected by tech development and artificial intelligence? Such questions are recurring in our design process. ICON Architecture develops modern and sustainable homes. With a focus on architectural quality and innovative design solutions, we alleviate spatial perception into supremacy.



Geographical and territorial premises are critical factors to consider, and we analyze a site from a holistic perspective; economical. historical, and socio-cultural. Socially including environments remain a priority for us, and to develop an architecture that naturally generates inspiration and well-being.

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Brands and corporate identity are important guidelines in commercial projects, especially in the retail industry. ICON develops design concepts based on themes to enhance brand awareness and improve customer experience. Meticulous space planning with convincing design concepts help reinforce the customer’s emotional connection to a brand.


Office projects require sustainable models and common visions. Optimizing space planning and developing new spatial user options for greater flexibility is a typical project example. The office of tomorrow is no longer designed to fit hierarchical structures, but more to respond to organizational changes.

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ICON has carried out a few renovation projects of historic properties, where the building’s identity and historic value has been key-concepts. By following a gentle renovation process with traditional craftsmanship techniques and a design process anchored in in-depth research, we did preserve architectural authenticity. Our design approach to take the building’s potential and overall value into consideration added sustainable value to the projects several perspectives.


Renovation projects are as challenging as they are interesting. A significant part of our expertise in traditional craftsmanship has been accumulated over the years from documenting and digitizing historic properties at a superior detail level.

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ICON has been involved with the planning of residential areas, and we are well informed about urban regulations, and organizational. Our professional experience mandates us to display the importance of in-depth site analysis to represent a significant part of the pre-planning process. Understanding an area’s potential for future growth requires knowledge about its identity from a holistic perspective; economical-, historical- and socio-cultural facts.


ICON aims to develop a sustainable architecture with inspirational and socially inclusive environments. Our design philosophy embraces sustainable planning for a green city and, commitment to producing excellent architectural- and functional space quality.

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